Marketing material and App Design for School of Language


I focused my design direction on the idea of conversation—it's why language exists and the best way to truly experience a foreign culture. I wanted my adverts and flyers to have the back-and-forth pace of a conversation that was flexible enough to use for different languages. 

When it came to designing the app, I wanted the user to spend as little time looking at her phone as possible. The app's home screen comes pre-loaded with common words and phrases with the ability to download more phrase "packs." Conversations happen face-to-face and I didn't want the app to break that. So I added a "flip" button so the user could easily share what what he was trying to say to a local easily without having to move or hand over his phone.


¬ Education

¬ Campaign, Print, Digital, App

¬ Student Project

¬ 2016