Dear Survivor

Dear Survivor is a San Diego fashion company with the promise of ethically made, sustainably sourced, and socially minded designs. Christine Howell founded her company after living across from a brothel and learning about the horrors of human trafficking. Since day one, she has donated a portion of every dollar to GenerateHope — a San Diego non-profit deidcated to helping survivors of human trafficking.

Christine approached me with a set of new earring designs that she was planning to launch and a vision of what she wanted the packaging to look like. The vision for the new line was “The Modern Archeologist” blending modernity in shape and style with a natural color palette.

Together we came up with a simple card embossed in rose gold foil that could be used with any of her designs.


¬ Fashion

¬ Print, Packaging

¬ Dear Survivor

¬ 2018