August Wrap-Up


This site gives you the five best design links every day.

Create collage portraits of your friends and family with this DIY from IDEO on How To Make Friends—Literally.

This letter To Those New To Design by Dylan Wilbanks.

This piece on How Fonts Are Fueling the Culture Wars by Ben Hersh.

My favorite data visualization group, The Pudding, charted every character's dialogue from The Office.

This site that reviews fonts in-depth is a thorough and beautiful way.

Now that I'm officially freelancing, I laugh and cry at the accuracy of these Freelance Achievement Stickers.

This guide on playing with shadows in your photography.

Finally, these are two of the coolest portfolio sites I've seen. Beyond the cool and innovative design, this site features the designer's heart rate and what he's listening to, and this site that features interactive windows of his social media, calendar, wikipedia page, and tinder.



august playlist

august playlist

This episode of Radio Lab made me cry at the vastness and beauty of space and the shared experience of the solar eclipse this month:



I just finished binging this on Netflix and it's SO good! Quick, 20min episodes, easy fun watch, and the story is so good!