February Wrap-Up

Laundry Day is back but it's going to look a little different. These new monthly wrap-ups will be in the same spirit as Laundry Day but without the pressure of having publishing every week. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the things that have been inspiring me this month and feel free to share what has been inspiring you!


Books I read this month: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker, and Finding God In The Waves by Mike McHargue

Here are some interesting things I read on the internet this month:



An episode of Song Exploder where Jóhann Jóhannsson talks about the thought and intent behind the movie Arrival's score.

A two-part podcast by 99% Invisible on Frank Lloyd Wright's affordable house for the masses and how it inspired ranch-style houses today.

A playlist of the music I've been listening to this month. Click to listen.
A playlist of the music I've been listening to this month. Click to listen.


Color film was originally designed for white skin. It wasn't until furniture makers and chocolatiers complained that people of color had a film for them.

A FANTASTIC docuseries on Netflix about some of the most creative thinkers and imaginative minds working in the world of art and design.

The meaning and virality of Hygge — a Danish term defined as "a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being."

A walkthrough of how the winners of the Oscars are chosen and why it's not always the film you were most excited about.