Laundry Day—022


I have officially been in New York for a week! I've started my classes at Shillington and have met a ton of cool people. Although my program is pretty small (45 students), I have classmates from Iran, India, Lebanon, Kuwait, Russia, Belarus...the list goes on. A casino valet from Vegas, a 38 year old single-mother that just left accounting, a woman that was in marketing for ESPN, and a bunch of other cool stories that I haven't heard yet. So crazy, right?! 

We hit the ground running and have already completed six briefs using the basics of InDesign. This is going to be a crazy three months, but I'm so so excited and loving every minute of it.

In the meantime, I'm working on a "NYC Bucket-List" so let me know any hotspots to check out while I'm here! 


Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars by Vox
training cities to prefer people more than cars

things i do left-handed.

use my phone
bat in baseball (lol @ me doing sports)
wear a watch (so like, on my right wrist.)

things i switch depending on what's convenient.

go bowling (i change arms when one gets tired.)
shoot a bow and arrow (shoutout to camp for the shorter lines for the lefty bow.)

things i do right-handed.

sign my name on coffee shop iPads
use scissors
use a computer mouse/trackpad
fix my hair
swipe my credit card