Laundry Day—017


sorry for skipping a week, but I had a friend in town and it was leap day.

and leap day should not be wasted on doing laundry.


I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
album • The 1975

seriously. this album is so good. i've listened to it almost exclusively all week.

so to celebrate this album, I'll tell you when you should listen to each song:

1. The 1975
the song when you're sitting in bed watching the morning sun seep through the blinds

2. Love Me
the song when you're pulling onto the freeway with the windows down at the start of a summer road trip with your besties

3. UGH!
the song when you want to dance but also only want to move your neck (shoulder moves optional)

4. A Change Of Heart
the song when you want dope soundz while you're doing homework or that part of a road trip where you don't have anything more to talk about and you're just staring out the windshield in silence

5. She's American
the song when you're with your musically-inclined friend and you try to sing the harmony to seem cool but you can't get it quite right

6. If I Believe You
the song when you're on your way to brunch after church and are craving that gospel feel

7. Please Be Naked
the song when you're going about your day and want to feel like you're in a really deep and thoughtful part of a movie (best if succeeded by Lostmyhead)

8. Lostmyhead
the song after Please Be Naked when you (as the main character in your Oscar-winning drama) are inspired and have an epiphany and start running dramatically to change the world

9. The Ballad Of Me And My Brain
the song that's playing in the car when you're driving with your parents and it's just edgy enough that you start to wonder if your parents are judging you but you can't change the song bc you're driving

10. Somebody Else
the song you listen to at the end of that kind of day when you're just like "ugh, girls suck"

11. Loving Someone
the song that you and your best friend spent hours trying to learn every word

12. I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
the song when you want those late-night driving vibez

13. The Sound
the song when you practice your boxing moves and/or fist-pumping skills and you only really know the words to the hook

14. This Must Be My Dream
the song you use as your instagram caption on #womancrushwednesday / #mancrushmonday

15. Paris
the song you use as the name of your facebook photo album from your trip to Paris with your parents

16. Nana
the song you listen to when it's raining outside and you finally get to experience your new wood-wick candle in its truest form

17. She Lays Down
the song when you just want to have a good cry


also listen.

Sounds Good with Branden Harvey
listen to the one with Ruthie Lindsey–it's seriously the most inspiring thing ever.



The Ups and Downs of Relocating for Your Career
by Luke Seiderman

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