Phoenix: First Impressions

3.5 days
2,347 miles
7 states
and a lot of pee breaks later,
I'm finally moved into my new place in Phoenix!

I must admit: since crossing the border, Arizona has yet to disappoint. The scenery here is stunning and I've never seen anything like it. Who knew the desert could be so beautiful?!


Anyway, after 48 hours in my new town, here are some things I've noticed:

1. Even though it's 70º F, it's winter everyone is wearing jeans and sweatshirts.
2. That kind of cactus you see in drawings of the desert are real and huge and are everywhere.
3. Also, palm trees line the sides of a lot the roads and it feels like a desert version of Beverly Hills.
4. Speaking of roads, drivers are crazy. Like really crazy. Like worse than Northern Virginia and DC.
5. Texting and driving is also somehow legal.
6. No matter what direction you look, you see mountains (possibly my favorite thing).
7. The airport is called Sky Harbor which I think is so cool.


I've never been to Phoenix (or anywhere in Arizona, really) so if you have any "must-see"s in the area, let me know!