Hwy 1

Remember how I spent some time working out in LA this summer? Well before flying home, Dad came out and together we spent a week and drove up the coast to San Francisco. This road is no joke. It's seriously stunning...like every single  part of it. Even though we didn't have the best weather, 10/10 would still recommend. 

If only we could get these kinds of views on the East Coast...


When I travel, I like to some little videos and compile them into a short video of the trip. It's a lot of fun to take some of my pictures and add the element of movement to them to help them come alive just a bit more. But, man, editing is tough. I'm new to the whole video thing, and still practicing–but boy do I have so much respect for filmmakers that edit entire works!

[vimeo 142305196 w=1280 h=720]