Up Shift

Wow. A lot of change. This website looks a little different, huh?  A new look. Some new tabs. It’s a pretty big change! But I think it’s needed. Here’s why:

The most important change, in my humble opinion, is the new web address. No more “jonathanmartinphotography” (but fear not! it will still work when you type it in or click on old links).

I’ve known it’s needed to change for a while. Frankly, jonathanmartinphotography is a pain in the butt to type out. And although I have developed muscle memory for it, I found that a lot of my family and friends just go to Google to look it up. Which, if you don’t know who I am, might be a problem. If you Google “jonathan martin” you will find a lot of people that aren't me: there’s the former American-football player, a writer for Politico, a clothing designer (that still doesn’t have a working website), and a bunch more. If you Google “jonathan martin photography” I’ll show up–but alongside another Jonathan Martin Photography who is based out of LA specializing in “beauty shots” which are, well, interesting... Just not the kind of work I personally would associate with my style. Nothing against him, of course. Just not me.

So I was in need a name change. And one that’s shorter. I decided on “jmarttogo” because it has become a sort of internet “stage name” for me. It’s my username across my social networks, so that makes it easier for a lot of people. 

But why jmarttogo? What even is that? Here’s a quick explanation: My nickname has been jmart for a while (Jonathan + MARTin). The “to-go” came back in 2011 when I was trying to come up with a Twitter username. Almost every variation of my name was taken thanks to my competition (see above). And I didn’t want to use numbers or resort to my birth year for a suffix. So I started searching other names for inspiration. I looked up comedian Steve Martin–I’m not really sure why...maybe because we share the same last name...or because my dad has the same name (fun fact!). Anyway, his username was @SteveMartinToGo. I didn’t get it. But when I added “ToGo” to the end of “jmart” it was sort of catchy! I liked it! And it kind of makes sense. I mean, it's essentially the jmart that you can take to-go...like Chinese take-out (I’m sure there's a better comparison but I love bad Chinese food so I thought, ‘why not?’). And here we are! (Also, it makes it easy for vacation hashtags, ie #jmarttoBelgium, #jmarttoCali etc.)

I also decided to drop “photography” in the new name. Not only is it long to type out, but I’m not sure if I want to label myself exclusively as a “photographer.” Photography has my heart, and I don’t ever see that changing; but I want to leave room for myself to grow in other midiums, and to be able to share it here with you!

For that reason, my “journal” page is taking on a new role. I like to refer to it as “my journal. a series of experiments.” That’s what I want it to be. I want it to be a place where I can share what I’m working on with you. I want to share things I write down, some doodles, the music that’s inspiring me, cool revelations I've gotten from the books I’m reading–that kind of stuff. And I think this change opens my platform up to do that. I will definitely still share my photos from my fun-ventures here. In fact I’m adding “categories” to my posts so that you can just click on it and see all my photo posts in one place, or all my writings, etc. (it will be under each post’s title next to the date it was published). So I hope y’all will enjoy that!

I’ve also professionalized it up a bit with a more informative bio and a quick link to my portfolio. But I think that change, along with my journal, will give you and potential clients a better picture (pun intended) of who I am as a person and as an artist.

I've also changed the logo to my name written in MY handwriting (it took a long time to move it to the digital universe so I just wanted to point it out and brag a bit).

Whew! That was a lot. But I’m so glad that I’m finally able to share with y’all what I’ve been working on! Hopefully this helps explain why I’ve made the changes that I have. And if they don’t, or you have more questions, or just want to say “hey,” leave a comment and I would love to chat!