Today is my twentieth birthday.

I've never been much of a fan of my birthday–but after a birthday that almost didn't come, I've started to see the value in celebrating another year of life.

Last year I committed myself to a mission. I told myself that I didn't want a year to be "just another year." I want to spend what time I have truly living. I want to go to new places. I want to experience new things. You get the idea.

So a year ago, I came up with a list of things to do within the next year to keep time from just passing me by. I called it my "20 before 20." (cheesy, right?)


20 before 20

expires apr. 29, 2015

1. try a food i can't pronounce

2. go completely electronics-free for 24 hours

3. go fishing

4. visit a museum for something i know nothing about

5. go camping

6. make a website for my photography

7. go to a concert for a band i've never heard of

8. donate blood

9. make guac and salsa and everyone loves it

10. go on a spontaneous trip

11. go whitewater rafting

12. photograph a musician

13. go to a restaurant and talk with an accent

14. go skinny-dipping

15. get to my goal weight and maintain it

16. make a lip-sync video with a friend

17. photograph a stranger and hear their story

18. make 20 new playlists (15/20)

19. choose to eat at a restaurant because it has cool signage

20. go to 5 concerts (9/5)


So I didn't get to everything. But that's okay because I've been able do so many new things and explore so many new places! Thankfully, I have another year so I can get started on my "21 before 21" list!