SF: Part III

Part III:

Day 4. Highway 1. Bixby Bridge. Big Sur. 

This is Luke.

He just moved to SF and was gracious enough to let us crash at his place for the week in The Nut (that's how the cool kids refer to Walnut Creek).

Luke is super smart, great at taking pics, and knows how to tear it up on the banjo.

And ladies, he's single. So find him on LinkedIn and make that connection. ;)


Day 5. Last day. Twin Peaks. Sutro Baths. Baker Beach.

This is (the back of) Brian.

Brian is one of the most talented, genuine people I have ever met. 

Everything he does, he does with a full heart and it's hard not to feel loved and valued when you're around him.

He truly knows how to put others before himself. I can only hope to one day have as much integrity as this guy.

Also, he made this trip happen. Which is pretty cool, I guess.


Well, that's it guys. That was my trip to San Francisco. I would pack up and move in a heartbeat if I ever have the chance. Seriously one of my favorite trips: beautiful scenery, amazing people, and great coffee. What more could you ask for?

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