SF: Part I

This guy Brian, my first real insta-famous friend (I like to think we are on that level even if he hasn't realized it yet), tweeted if anyone wanted to go to San Francisco. I replied yes. A few weeks later I was on a plane to hang out in a new city with a bunch of people I've never met. 

It couldn't have worked out any better.

We huddled in a studio apartment across the bay. Rented a car. Grabbed a cup of coffee and a camera. And just went.

I honestly could not have asked for a better group of people to spend the week with. Being the ugly-duckling/tagalong of the group, they included me in their group and made me feel more welcome than I could've ever hoped for.

Every single person was full of joy and artistic talent–more so than any other group of people I've spent time with.

We did so much and I took a crap-ton of pictures along the way. So bear with me as I try to give you the highlights!

note: I asked a local what NOT to call San Francisco. The answer: Frisco and San Fran. Almost everyone says San Francisco or SF. I tried to make "an-Fra" a thing, but it never caught on with the locals. Next time.


Part I:

Day 1. Sunset at Sutro Baths.

This is Elaine.

Elaine is from Vancouver and runs the blog Local Wanderer with her friend Taylor.

Their blog is a living directory of the coolest local places in cities all over. And it's great. They are both talented writers and photographers.

If you're going on a trip, be sure to check out their site and see if they have any local spots to recommend.


Day 2. Golden Gate.

This is Steve. He hails from the great city of Rochester, NY and aspires to be its mayor one day. Not really, but he does love his town. He is working with his friends to make "The Roc" an even cooler place to live. He's constantly taking sweet pics and instagramming up a storm for blossoming local businesses. He was also a great sport when we broadcasted a live sleep cam of him to 100+ of his followers.

This is Andrew. Andrew is also from Rochester and became friends with Steve in college. He's super into soccer and jumping (as seen here). More importantly he laughs at all my bad jokes and is sure to make sure to keep my ego in check every time I miss my mouth while eating or trip on air.


Be right back. Stay tuned for Part II.