Modern Ruins | 3 of 3

The final photo set of the series! This house was my favorite to explore. 

The door was bolted shut from the outside, but I managed to shimmy through a glass piece of the door that had been punched out.

The story behind this house really interests me. 

Completely in tact. Completely furnished. And completely personal. Now when I say personal, I'm talking about the old photos pinned on the walls. Family and neighbor's numbers scribbled down on the wall next to the phone. Bedroom closets filled with clothes. Toys piled in a corner of the living room. And old Polaroids littered across the carpet. It's almost as if the family still lived there.

But they didn't. Although all these personal items were left, the place was a mess. It's as if the former tenants were in a rush to evacuate and could only choose a few things to pack into a suitcase. How they decided what to take will always be a mystery. Some of the things "left behind" are things I would've packed first. 

Although, not knowing is part of the fun!