Another Eternity

the challenge:
redesign a piece of album art featuring a handmade piece of work // student project

what I did:

I was super pumped about this challenge. First of all, album art is one of my favorite things. Seriously. I don't have a record player but I want to buy all the vinyls just so I can have that big, beautiful cover art in all its glory. Also, I love getting my hands dirty, and now I had an excuse.

The album I chose was Another Eternity by Purity Ring. If you haven't heard it, stop what you're doing right now and listen to some of it. I'll wait.

So good, right?

So here's my concept: I wanted to capture the spirit of Another Eternity with the techy, futuristic, flying spaceship sounds of the album. I kept thinking about the phrase "another eternity" and the complexity of it. Eternity is something that's unique to life—all the inanimate stuff we make has a shelf-life. It breaks. It falls apart. It becomes outdated. Life is cool because it's something that is continually growing and learning. It even surpasses generation. But how do I make this intangible and organic thing, physical and make it feel like it has a new futuristic life? Silver spray paint.

I went to the local market outside of my apartment, bought a snake plant because they have cool leaves, and spray painted it silver and photographed it (with the help of Matty Woodward).

I wanted to carry the space-age feeling to the back by making the type feel weightless and floaty. So I turned some stuff sideways and scattered it about like Sandra Bullock and George Clooney after their space shuttle was hit by a satellite.

Did you just pour your heart and soul into a collection of music and want some help with the cover? Let me help you!