Jonathan Martin

Hiya! My name is Jonathan, but my friends call my Jmart. I’m a human living in San Diego, CA. I say human because I’m a lot of things: I’m a graphic designer, a laugher, a mental health advocate, a documentary-binger, a coffee-drinker, a writer, a taco-eater, a smile-r, a singing-at-the-top-of-my-lungs-in-the-car-er, and a photographer.

As a creative, I’m continually inspired by new ideas and perspectives and what others are doing—whether it’s discovering Matisse’s cut outs, seeing an architect’s dream house, hearing a friend’s new song, or trying something new in photography.

Now, I’m in San Diego learning to live my healthiest, best life while working as a freelance designer and photographer as well as a designer under the studio Space Between.

be nice. don’t steal.
made in san diego.